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Fabulous Essential



Fabulous Essential is the first chapbook of poems from Niina Pollari. Niina's poems jump from the river and walk on land, live in the sky and eat you alive (you'll be grateful for it, promise).

At the Opaque Performance

Settling down. The (I guess) awful
slap of being polite: wipe off
the knives. Make note to express sharpness
of your thanks. Do not bathe after others, don’t
use the complimentary messaging service
to send bright inutile notes. Keep
every list you’ve ever made

hidden for good. Dear, in these domestic seats
it is colder than ever

and there’s a wicked, wicked careen
to hear: a rosin along each
marveling string. But you’ve got
your monocle, your glass of cooking wine, and they’ve turned

up the heat for the night. You’re in the seats, and I’m on the stage,
and the audience coughs up a blood clot and waits.

Hate to say I told you so!

$6 (shipping included)

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